Large Posters for Small Prices

Large Posters for Small Prices

Perhaps you noticed a growing number of oversize 22x28 inch (56x71 cm) anatomy posters among standard 20x26 inch (51x66 cm) charts. Within the store, two blue upper corner brackets distinguish photos of oversized posters. Though it costs slightly more to laminate and frame 22x28 posters, the unit cost is several dollars less than smaller exam-room posters. The artwork is beautiful and the heavy paper is thicker than that of the standard-size posters.

You Read Correctly

Our oversized anatomy posters cost less, not because of inferiority, but because of a better price from the manufacturer that is passed along to you. In some cases, titles and content are similar to those of standard-size posters. (Heart Disease 20x26 vs Understanding Heart Disease 22x28) In other instances, discontinued titles are replaced with the new format.

If you have an investment in DeuPair Frames, rest assured we have frames to match the new size. The two dimensions look well together in the same room. Simply align the frames along the horizontal center. Place the oversized frame between two smaller ones or vice versa. To see all that is available in the large size, type “oversize” or "22x28" ("56x71") within the global site search field. Or select the size within the keyword filter while viewing an appropriate collection.

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