How to Buy Anatomy Posters Without Regrets

How to Buy Anatomy Posters Without Regrets

Palpable Pressure

Anxiety rises as a denuded patient sits in a small, cold exam room. Hanging anatomy posters provide a distraction from the sterile instruments and feelings of vulnerability. Great anatomy posters also help patients to formulate meaningful questions and facilitate enlightening discussion during physician consultation.

Though final poster title selection is often made by doctors, an office manager or nurse is frequently charged with placing orders and coordinating or personally hanging anatomy posters.

If acquiring anatomy posters is your responsibility, you don’t want to mess this up.

Depending on the size of the organization, you may feel pressure to please physicians, accounting offices, and colleagues, and don’t forget about the denuded patients who benefit most from your choices. How do you prioritize?

If price is the most important criterion, do you purchase unlaminated anatomy charts? Is it all right to hang them with pushpins, thumbtacks, or Scotch tape? Do you shop for frames at your local Dollaramma store?

If online shopping has done one thing, it has trained people to look for the lowest price. In reality, final appearance trumps cost. I sometimes muse that cheap food is my second favorite next to good.

The distinction is more important when decorating commercial spaces. If the result is unattractive, nonfunctional, or unsanitary, boasting about how little you paid is inconsequential.

What if the cost-saving option prevents physicians from annotating anatomy posters with dry-erase markers? Perhaps there is only enough wall space to hang two anatomy posters per exam room

Since five titles are required to address patents, are anatomy posters shuttled from room to room? Can you see how real-world usage and available wall space have a greater impact than cost savings?

ClinicalPosters Provides Affordable Exam-Room Decor Solutions

ClinicalPosters simplifies shopping by defaulting to optimum selections and recommendations. Ignore them if you want but it functions like a virtual sales assistant. Don’t let buying posters be the last thing you do at your current job.

You will be praised for how nice they look hanging on the walls.

Picture frames can cost anywhere from 30 bucks to thousands of dollars. There are consumer and commercial options. Where do you draw the line? High-end museum-quality frames can hermetically seal contents. The very low end might net you either a painted particle board or a flimsy ill-fitted solution.

True story: I visited a chiropractor’s office where all anatomy posters were trimmed (truncated) to fit small standard frames (shown above). When frames are too large, it is generally necessary for a professional framer to cut mat board to fill the empty area.

ClinicalPosters offers cost-effective, precision-size commercial frames with a twist: Each of the two styles mounts on the wall before inserting contents. The DeuPair Pocket Frame has a slot on the top. The DeuPair Flip Frame has four hinged sides, allowing graphics to be inserted through the front. Either option is less than $100 and can store multiple posters.

In a small exam room, where space is premium, you can divide frame cost by the number of posters it contains. This averages less than the price for inferior consumer frames. Even if you purchase one frame for each poster, the cost is not as much as competing commercial framing solutions. Most poster product pages include a photo depicting how the framed poster looks within an exam room.

Select a medical category. Choose the desired poster titles. Then shop for the perfect frames—standard 20x26 inches (51x66 cm) or oversize 22x28 inches (56x71 cm) to match posters. While others may boast about how much or how little they spend, you will be praised for how nice they look hanging on the walls.

DeuPair, DeuPair Flip Frame, and DeuPair Pocket Frame are trademarks of ClinicalPosters.

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