Share Breakfast With ClinicalPosters

From frequent blog articles to a weekly influx of new products, there is much for return visitors to explore.

When do you visit ClinicalPosters? Is it while sipping your first (or third) cup of coffee at the office? Do you peruse the site on your mobile device during subway or train commutes? Perhaps ClinicalPosters is part of your breakfast routine before heading to work. Or likely less frequently than that.

Jog Your Memory

Remember your favorite childhood cereal? Maybe it was the breakfast of champions or perhaps it just tastes great! Whether it was healthy or full of sugar, you really looked forward to those breakfasts—and perhaps a prize within the box. Now elevate that memory. Imagine eating spoonfuls of cereal where each bite tastes like one of your favorite desserts or healthy snacks. Now your are envisioning the experience of logging into ClinicalPosters as a return customer.

How do you login? It’s simple. First timers choose “Register” from the navigation bar and complete a few identification fields. If you have already saved a password, choose “Login” from the navigation bar. Prior customers access history for easy reorders. This is reminiscent of your favorite cereal being placed into the grocery shopping cart. (Purchases prior to January 2018 are archived for admin access.)

Meet, Greet, Eat

Logging in is a way of telling ClinicalPosters, “I’m at the breakfast table!” New navigation tabs appear and prices for products you need most display automatic price drops. Health articles tagged with your medical interest are featured. Items gathered from multiple devices are harmonized. Your wishlist becomes visible in the navigation panel.

Crafting this site to the interests of individual visitors is a distinguishing characteristic of ClinicalPosters.

It takes a little time to get to know one another. Not all features are immediately available during your first shopping experience. Think of your initial purchase as an introduction. During subsequent visits, ClinicalPosters is better able to assimilate your interests. Here are some actions that cumulatively enhance your browsing experience:

  • Registration
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Return Login
  • Shopping History
  • Product Reviews

Browsing ClinicalPosters without any of these actions is can be likened to the difference between stending while sipping coffee versus sitting down while a champagne brunch is served.

Crafting this site to the interests of individual visitors is a distinguishing characteristic of ClinicalPosters. Enjoy the best deals and user experience by logging in before browsing. Don’t skip the most important “meal” of the day. Browse ClinicalPosters after login and see the difference.

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April 01, 2018 by Kevin Williams

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