Protect Packages From Weather

Businessman caught in the rain

The popular belief that it never rains in Los Angeles is untrue. It’s rare but clouds do share tears every now and then. In other cities, you may battle torrential rains, snow, and sleet through the winter. Even the spring can be damp.

The strength of a box degrades with moisture. Cardboard can also transfer dampness within the interior chamber. When ordering posters online, you have an option of having them packaged with protection from the elements. The Flat Box option includes reinforced boxes, inner plastic bag, additional padding, and—during rainy seasons—absorbent silica gel.

Cardbord packing tape

Minimize disappointment from soggy boxes and product damage. Consider the value of choosing premium Flat Box packing when adding posters to your cart. There are options to include full-value contents insurance.

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