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Publish News 7 January 2022

Is it a Clinical Mystery?

What does medicine have to do with mystery? Just about everything! Why? Because health is a significant part of everyone’s life! People live with chronic ailments, genetic conditions, or mental health issues. Additionally, even in the presence of symptoms, many patients have undiagnosed rare diseases. Health conditions can affect behavior.

When developing characters for novels, why does almost everyone appear to have perfect health—except Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Decades of experience dealing with personal medical issues, assisting clinical scientists, and writing health articles, led to a new series of stories beginning in May 2021. Yes, in the middle of the largest health crisis of 100 years! This special blog includes medicine within articles without being about medicine.

A Series For You

Published as miniseries, spanning multiple episodes, articles appeal to both the medical professional and layperson. Where else can you read about a protagonist who shares the same infirmity as you?

Some stories are dramas with a sobering message; others paint fiction over reality. Some stories cross the line into thrillers. Others are dramas. You will find stories that herald women’s empower­ment or address emotional and behavioral health.

Events from my past, news stories, or a series of photos can spark an idea that leads to the next mystery. The premiere miniseries spans eleven episodes of mystery and medicine to reveal an action-packed thriller. Next, we travel to a modern-day health crisis in a war-torn African country.

By the third miniseries, we are on the eve of the 22nd century, utilizing technology to control heath issues. Another series of episodes occurs hundreds of years in the distant past.

What makes these miniseries of Novellas so intri­guing? For one thing, there is, but not always, a mystery to solve. Some mysteries are evident within the first episode, while others are manifest late in the series. A villain is not a require­ment in a mystery and capture is not inevitable.

Conclusions can diverge far from what you might anticipate. By crafting logical, yet unexpected, endings, most stories have a mysterious element. Visit ClinicalPosters to enjoy new episodes of clinical mysteries in the Novellas blog on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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