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Open Your Eyes To Change

We have made it through a harrowing year. Supply chains tightened. Shipping costs and materials have risen. But we are still here to serve you! Here’s a recap of some subtle and significant things that enhance your shopping experience.

  1. Article audio. You can now listen to many articles on the website with the click of a button. Read more
  2. More articles. There has been an exponential growth in the number of articles for education and entertainment on the website. Read more
  3. Find Similar button. A gold button at the bottom of product descriptions will search for similar products that may be available. Read more
  4. Related articles on product pages. Most recent articles relating to each product now appear within an expandable tab on each product page.
  5. New color scheme. Not much to say here other than I hope you like it. The blues are gone. Since color is key to branding, it’s worth pointing out so you recognize you’re in the right place. Read more
  6. Javascript shopping cart. The shopping cart drawer slides from the right as you add items to the cart. This minimizes the need to use the back arrow. Some corporate IT departments disable javascript. We can add a tag to your account to disable the cart drawer. Read more

Dig into more exciting articles and products at ClinicalPosters. For more site updates, follow the News blog.

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