Resolving Cart Checkout

Cart checkout

Checkout Cart Drawer

The default cart behavior when adding products on the ClinicalPosters website is for a drawer to slide from the edge. This eliminates the need to return to a prior page with the back button.

The cart drawer requires AJAX programming which is incompatible with some corporate browsers, operating systems, or security settings. Users might have javascript disabled but the few who report issues are not tech savvy enough to provide details. Such orders have historically required phone assistance.

Checkout Page

Disabling the cart drawer in favor of a full checkout page works better for some customer configurations. It is now possible to enable a customer account to use the checkout page even if the cart drawer is the default for everyone else.

If you experience any checkout difficulties, login or create an account. Then send a contact form request to change your checkout preference from cart to page.

This memo has been added to the FAQ page. Customer experience and programming code are under constant evaluation.

*Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

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