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ClinicalPosters has been writing health articles for a dozen years now. Four years ago, the best prior articles were reformatted for the current website platform. During this span, the writing style has been steadily improving.

This year, ClinicalPosters commissioned over a dozen writers, nutritionists, medical doctors, researchers, PhDs, psychologists, and microbiologists. This team has reviewed and updated dozens of prior articles in addition to producing hundreds of new ones.

I am so excited about what this team has in the pipeline for you. In some cases the content is supplemental to anatomy posters available on this site. In other cases the topics are not available on any of our posters. Most often, they relate to one or more categories of posters we sell. This treasure-trove of information is accessible at no cost to you!

Since January 1, 2021, we require customer login to complete purchases. As an email subscriber, after login, articles matching your interest or medical specialty queue up for easy access. This even unlocks some premium articles.

There are no losers because all the content is free! I trust you will enjoy the material.

Kevin Williams
Editor in Chief

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