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The majority of articles on this website are written in-house. Typical health article scheduling is six months in advance. They then marinate in a private forum for updates prior to publication. This results in a wide variety of refined topics for readers like you to enjoy every week.

Scheduled Days For a Year

For 2021, an evocative storytelling writing style is apparent in many articles. To push out a year’s worth of posts, ClinicalPosters commissioned outside writers for 15 percent of the health titles.

Now, there is a schedule for the entire year. This allows for weekly themes to appear on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Posts about marketing, writing, and programming publish on Saturdays in the Insights blog. News articles fit in the Wednesday slot.

Guest Article Adjustments

Despite the skill of freelance writers, there is a learning curve for them to adapt to the site guidelines. With training, some freelancers have multiple contribu­tions scheduled. Others exhaust their repertoire after a few articles.

This bird’s-eye view of the year opens up non-commissioned guest submissions to appear on Mondays. Conforming to publishing guidelines, they can appear during weeks with complementary themes.

As has been the case for some time, font size increases on narrow-width devices. For better desktop legibility, there is now a slight increase in the default point size.

With the volume of articles already written, ClinicalPosters is more selective about guest posts. Those that do not conform to writing guidelines, are rejected. The word count for submissions has dropped to 500–1000 words each. The estimated article read time has lowered to 180 from 200 words per minute.

For complete submission requirements and available options, visit the page for guest posts. Advertisers, consider having keyword-driven banner ads appear on articles.

To support the writing of useful articles about writing, ClinicalPosters sells human anatomy charts, scientific posters and other products online. Also shop for ClinicalPins that include more than lapel pins or leave an encourag­ing comment to keep the work going.

Guest Writing

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