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Art of The Kiss Paintings

Art of The Kiss Paintings

Kiss More Passionately

Those who have experienced passion, realize how a sensuous kiss can begin a lifelong relationship. If you are still awaiting the chemistry, you might focus on the art of the kiss. Will a lower lip lightly glide up your neck or will intentionally misaligned lips gently interlock? While youths may practice on fruit or fingers, many people study the art of masterful painters.

Contemporary Artist Biographies

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  1. Nick Alm (Swedish, b. 1985),
    Alm captures the moment of passion in this painting of a man kissing a woman’s neck while caressing her head.

  2. Andre Kohn (Russian, b. 1972),
    You can feel the emotion of being reunited after the lovers’ long time away from each other in this painting.

  3. Hubert de Lartigue (French, b. 1963),
    Lartigue paints hyperreal figurative art on large canvases. Even closeup crops of details reveal more intricacy than photographs. It is difficult to avoid puckering up while examining this piece.

  4. Joseph Lorusso (American, b. 1966),
    Lorusso is a master of romance who primarily paints orange-lit scenes and seductive females in an appealing style.

  5. Joseph Lorusso (American, b. 1966),
    In another example of Lorusso’s mastery of affection we feel the sensuality of this young man kissing a woman.

  6. Joseph Lorusso (American, b. 1966),
    In one more example we see Lorusso’s grasp of passion is obviously a talent born from experience.

  7. John Meyer (South African, b. 1942),
    Meyer is a seasoned artist that paints figures in a variety of settings. Here is his rendition of a man kissing his lover.

  8. Alyssa Monks (American, b. 1977),
    Alyssa specializes in large oil paintings and is recognized both in the United States and Europe for her pieces including figures obscured by water, steam, and vinyl. In this one a woman presses her lips against the glass.

  9. Francesca Strino (Italian, b. 1979),
    Italians are known for their passion as depicted in this painting by Strino of a woman and her bearded lover.

  10. Christiane Vleugels (Belgian, b. 1963),
    Vleugels paints figurative realism, often with her relatives as models, as may be the case of this one kissing her boyfriend.

Links change for various reasons—usually site redesign. Where possible, artist websites are included within descriptions even if the actual works cannot be found therein.

We have only scratched the surface of thousands of talented artists. Digital illustrators and artists using pastels, charcoal, and graphite are excluded from this list. I hope you will follow the works of these and other contemporary artists.

Use comment section below to express your desire to see additional featured artists. There are many more to explore on Pinterest.

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