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Female Novellas and Short Stories

Look no further if you want to read about women who are strong protagonists or supporting characters.

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Take Women’s Health Seriously

With a unique anatomy and specific health needs, ClinicalPosters address the needs of women in medical posters and many health articles.

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Rewarding Paid Blog Subscribers

For a nominal fee, subscribers can unlock additional content within ClinicalNovellas fictional and ClinicalReads non-fiction health article.

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Blogs Are Moving

Learn why avid readers shouldn’t be missing new features for enjoying online novellas and other articles on this site.

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Thrilling Novellas and Shorts

What is the reason why mental health is a recurring theme among novels and movies? Audiences love having their emotions tortured by watching thrillers.


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Sci-Fi Novellas and Shorts

ClinicalNovellas includes a creative genre of science fiction short stories and miniseries. Read or listen to each episode in under 10 minutes.

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Simple ClinicalNovellas Definition

ClinicalNovellas are fictional short stories that educate readers about medical conditions. They make learning about medical conditions less intimidating.

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So Many Stories, So Little Time

To reach your quota of reading, ClinicalNovellas employ a number of techniques to make reading enjoyable.

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Healthy Novellas and Shorts

These entertaining short stories and longer miniseries push health and human relationships into the, often controversial, fictional realm.

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Go Beyond Reading

Beyond well-researched health articles, enjoy immersive fictional short stories called Novellas, appearing as free miniseries with multi-voice audio. Visit regularly to read or listen, for your edu...

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Novellas Transform Health Information

Become immersed within a clinical miniseries. Pick a novella and learn about health during and entertaining reading.

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Best Entertainment With Biggest Star

The most popular person you know gets featured in Novellas on the ClinicalPosters website. Read or listen to fictional miniseries.


Fictional health stories written like movies and formatted like books


Informative, sometimes evocative, health and wellness articles


Useful articles about emerging technology and marketing