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Go Beyond Reading

Beyond well-researched health articles, enjoy immersive fictional short stories called Novellas, appearing as free miniseries with multi-voice audio. Visit regularly to read or listen, for your edu...

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Novellas Transform Health Information

Become immersed within a clinical miniseries. Pick a novella and learn about health during and entertaining reading.

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Best Entertainment With Biggest Star

The most popular person you know gets featured in Novellas on the ClinicalPosters website. Read or listen to fictional miniseries.

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Promote Your Novel

Outdated: Between each new mini­series, there is usually a one-day gap. You have an opportunity to publish a linked excerpt from your book within these spaces.

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Not Much To Say

In the battle between spammers and legitimate commenters, who will win?


Enjoy articles each week

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Love To Read More

What makes the Clinical Mysteries Novellas so novel? The mini­series is for people like you who enjoy a ventur­ing on the wild side of action and mystery.

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Solve Clinical Mystery

Novellas clinical mysteries do not require diagnos­ing ail­ments. These entertain­ing stories feature people acquir­ing or over­coming health adversities.

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Crafting a Materials Release

Despite urgency for approval, a form that appears to grant rights to intel­lec­tual property that is too liberal can stall the process.

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Exciting New Ventures

Complementing longstanding health articles, short novels, provide a mental diver­sion of creative writing entertain­ment for every individual.

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Clinical Mystery Revealed

Reward your love of reading with fictional miniseries that do not mask the fact that heroism despite health adversities is possible.

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Enjoy Reading

After email-subscriber login, articles matching your interest or medical specialty queue up for easy access, also unlocking premium articles.

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Updates to Article Submission

Outdated: The storytelling writing style is more pre­domi­nant. Schedule shorter guest posts and adver­tis­ing according to weekly themes through­out the year.


Fictional health stories written like movies and formatted like books


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