Crafting a Materials Release


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Clearance For Set Dressing


By the time the production department is ready to film a scene for a movie, commercial, or television series, time is of the essence. Nearly every third-party creative prop has copyright or trademark protection.

A clearance coordinator has the task of locating copyright holders and licensing usage rights. Purchasing usage rights grants permission for set dressing within one motion picture or a television series. A new film requires additional license(s).

It would be nice if there was a one-size-fits-all contract. There are some online. The reality is that required usage varies from one project to the next. A large production company like Universal or CBS films most motion pictures in-house. Indie film producers may film a movie with a working title that they plan to pitch to larger studios with vast subscription base and marketing resources.

Flexible and Versatile

It may seem safe to be vague about who is obtaining usage rights so the content can change hands. However, this triggers red flags when it reaches copyright holders. This can backfire into unanticipated approval delays.

Copyright holders understand that limiting geographic region and duration is impractical for digital motion picture content. They recognize that a film may change hands or go into syndication. So they often agree to such within contracts with these stipulations.

Video production team

ClinicalPosters can assist with licensing human anatomy posters on this site. Specifics of each contract that customers submit usually have careful wording from their attorney. To eliminate suspicion, delays, and multiple iterations of a materials release, explain your objectives up front.

Submit a release for review by the copyright holder. Since it is an agreement between two parties, both the entity with the rights and the recipient of the permission should be unambiguous. The materials in question must also have clear identification for an agreed-upon price.

In the end, a materials release agreement is a contract with long-lasting implications. The copyright holder is under no obligation to sign improperly formatted documents, Despite urgency for approval, a form that appears to grant rights to intellectual property that are too liberal can delay or prevent approval.

Licensing Options

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