How to Legally Film Anatomy Posters

Lights, Camera, Action!


It is tempting to stage a few props and begin rolling the camera. Whether the video is for a television series or medical office YouTube promotion, it is wise to make certain you have clearance for the use of any artwork and logos depicted in the scenes. This includes anatomy posters. Up-front extended use fees are nominal compared to penalties imposed after a copyright infringe­ment has occurred.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, first-time copyright infringe­ment cases can carry a fine of up to $250,000 and up to five years in prison. If you get caught more than once in a copyright-infringement case, you could face addi­tional fines of up to $250,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

In some cases, minor infringements may be settled by either a cease-and-desist demand or settlement from $5,000 to $35,000. But these are not prece­dents.

Movie studios, photo­graphers and artists have at least a general know­ledge of copyright laws. They routinely obtain model releases, nego­tiate product placement or remove product branding from props. Deriva­tive works, global rights, duration and trans­fera­bility rights must be stipulated.

How to Legally Film Anatomy Posters #copyright

New medical offices are often excited to hang anatomy posters and hire a still photo­grapher or videographer to shoot promo­tional footage. ClinicalPosters cannot provide specific legal advice. Logically, the best approach is to have authori­za­tion from the copyright holder(s) on file.

ClinicalPosters periodically receives requests from movie studios wish­ing to decorate medical office sets and obtain appro­priate releases. With time-sensitive produc­tion schedules, cutting through all the legal red tape to receive appropriate clearance can seem insur­mount­able.

Economical Licensing

To simplify the process, the ClinicalPosters website has a section that conve­nient­ly includes licensing require­ments from multiple anatomy poster publishers. This is easily accessible within the footer of each page.

When you login with either a Motion Picture or Photography pro­fes­sion, an extra Extended Use button appears on anatomy poster product pages. The button takes you to the licensing page for the corres­ponding publisher. This makes it easy to obtain the correct license for the whichever poster is desired.

Login with either a Motion Picture or Photography profession to see Extended Use button on anatomy poster product pages.

Some fees are straight­forward while one requires an online form to be com­pleted before providing a quota­tion. Most publishers charge a fee per poster to be used throughout a series. Sometimes a “per set decoration” fee is available. Rates displayed by publishers are independent of ClinicalPosters products but are helpful for those desiring one-stop product selection and licensing options.

The film/photography studio or licensing firm typically submits a standard release form. If you wish to photo­graph or record a video that includes any of more than 250 anatomy poster titles on this site, you will benefit from this handy resource.

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Permission and fees for extended use beyond hanging posters on a wall is up to individual publishers and copyright owners. ClinicalPosters provides links and information to facilitate receipt of desired information.

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