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Exciting New Health Episodes

This website publishes ClinicalNovellas to keep your glutes on the edge of your seats and your synapses at the brink of discovery. These entertaining short stories and longer miniseries push health and human relationships into the, often controversial, fictional realm. Within this sometimes sci-fi environment, research into actual symptoms and technological advancements is evident.

Episodes are sensitive to the need for brevity on the part of healthcare workers and individuals already consumed by much technology. Rather than publish long stories all at once, brief stories appear twice weekly. Most take less than 10 minutes to enjoy.

Learn From Entertainment

Here are some highlights from recent stories available with free access three months from publication. Unlock prior episodes with a paid membership.

Love Obsession—Stalking and compulsive obsessions manifest dangerous outcomes within this 7-part thriller.

Inkless Agassi—Within 13 episodes, this miniseries highlights love, family ties, eating disorders, body mutilation disorders, mental illness, and deception.

Mixed Reality Therapy—This 3-episode short story explores current 3D technology as a mental health treatment. Look for the sequel in 2023.

This news section will periodically highlight recent or upcoming ClinicalNovellas that are not just for medical professionals. Best of all, you can choose to read or listen to them with enhanced audio.

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