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ClinicalPosters has just received a new shipment of popular posters. During past months, there has been some shortages. Now is the time to stock up on what you need.

The change in availability is due to elevation of minimum shipping requirements on a wholesale level. As a result, we order much larger quantities, less frequently.

In between these product drops, you can request similar items with different pricing. So take advantage of the bounty now and order what you need before the anatomy posters you want are gone.

New Fall 2022 Poster Titles

Bacteria, Viruses & the Immune System

Bacteria, Viruses & the Immune System anatomy poster

The 22x28-inch Bacteria, Viruses & The Immune System chart explores our body’s response to pathogens, disease-causing agents. The connection between the immune system and the lymphatic system is explored, including the actions of lymphocytes and antibodies. The chart includes an overview on immunization.

Understanding Meningitis
Understanding Meningitis anatomy poster

The 22x28-inch Understanding Meningitis chart examines the causes, symptoms and treatment of meningitis, an inflammation of the meninges. The chart explores the structure and function of the meninges, protective coverings of the central nervous system. Text sections cover causes, types, diagnosis and treatment options of this disease.

Understanding STIs
 Understanding STIs anatomy poster

The 22x28-inch Understanding STIs chart presents an overview of a major health issue facing both women and men, Sexually Transmitted Infections, sometimes called Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Female and male reproductive anatomy are described by graphics and text, along with sections desribing pathogens, disease-causing agents. Text sections cover causes, symptoms, complications, and diagnosis and treatment.

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