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New Wolters Kluwer Poster Titles

Popular titles undergoing revision span cardiology, dermatology, ob-gyn, oncology, orthopedics, nephrology, neurology, and urology medical specialties. With many updates in 2022, Wolters Kluwer (WK) is releasing new poster editions only with lamination and grommets. Availability of prior editions with more finishing options continues while supplies last.

Order New Laminated WK Poster Editions
Age Related Macular Degeneration97814963813092017
Cardiovascular Disease (3E)978149636979612/2017
Heart Failure97814963699632021
The Male Muscular System (2E)978197518022505/2022
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer978149636952912/2021
Skeletal System (2E)978197518023205/2022
Common Lesions and Disorders of Skin (3E)978197519101604/2022
The Female Reproductive System (2E)978197518021802/2022
The Prostate (2E)97819751985032022
Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease97814963882092021
Understanding Breast Cancer (4E)978197519229704/2022
Understanding Cervical Cancer (2E)978197519233406/2022
Understanding Colorectal Cancer (2E)978197519239609/2022
Understanding Leukemia (2E)978197519235808/2022
Understanding Liver Cancer (2E)978197515404206/2020
Understanding Lung Cancer (2E)978197519236509/2022
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (2E)9781496394989Now
Understanding Osteoporosis (3E)978149636248308/2016
Understanding Ovarian Cancer (2E)978197519232706/2022
Understanding Prostate Cancer (3E)978197519237209/2022
Understanding Skin Cancer (3E)978197519230305/2022

To minimize damage, ClinicalPosters does not generally stock posters with grommets. Therefore, they are custom-order items with minimum quantity requirements.

Wolters Kluwer Anatomy Poster Drop

ClinicalPosters offers the best human anatomy posters from five publishers. The most popular and largest library of posters come from WK. ClinicalPosters has been a valued distributor since 2010.

Instead of small incremental shipments, now larger shipments of posters without grommets are spaced further apart. These allow for the most customization options, including framing. When they arrive, there is incentive for customers to order before depletion of supply.

ClinicalPosters offers services that are unavailable elsewhere. We stock heavy-paper posters and apply custom finishing like double-thick lamination with UV inhibitors, brass grommets, and space-saving frames. Such options currently remain for titles from other publishers and large poster drops. When WK raw product supplies are temporarily exhausted, it is possible to obtain posters with grommets quickly.

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