What is Your Favorite Genre?

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What’s a Genre? You May Ask

From the French word, meaning “kind,” genre is a category of music or literature composition. It can be drama, mystery, romance, sci-fi, or thriller. These are the primary categories of ClinicalNovellas on this website.

ClinicalNovellas are short stories and novellas (mini-novels) published as miniseries. Initially, they were all to be mysteries. Over time, other genres emerged. Genres are not mutually exclusive.

Mystery overlaps sci-fi and thriller. What romance excludes drama? Subcategories include history, education, and relationships. Diving into these requires clicking tags at the bottom of a story page.

Where Does the Mystery Begin?

A mystery is a story with unanswered questions. As the plot unfolds, there may be clues for the reader and story characters to solve. Mystery stories, focus on solving puzzles and uncovering secrets, and the identity of the villain isn’t revealed until the end.

What Constitutes a Thriller?

A thriller is a mystery posing imminent danger. It may have many plot twists, written to misdirect, stir controversy, and get your heart racing, hence the prefix, “thrill.” Thrillers focus more on action and suspense.

Usually the reader is aware of the villain from the very start. Thrillers are fast-paced and action-packed, while mystery stories involve a slower, more methodical approach to uncovering the truth.

How Can Science Be Fiction?

Sci-fi is an abbreviation for science fiction. It’s a story that pushes the boundaries of science into plausible or implausible fiction. This may include space or time travel, alien lifeforms, and imaginary manifestations of nascent technologies. Such plots can overlap mystery or thrillers.

Where is the Romance?

Either a subplot or primary plot of intimate attraction creates a romance story. The process can overlap any other genre.

Too Much Drama

Have you ever met a drama queen? It’s someone who responds to most events in a melodramatic manner. But drama, by itself, has other meanings. It can be an emotional series of events, a dramatization of actual occurrences, or simply a show or screenplay.

Enjoy Your Genre

Whether you stick to one genre or like to mix it up, ClinicalNovellas typically rotate through various topics to appease a diverse audience. Some are amusing; others are frightening or thought-provoking. So if a current miniseries doesn’t appeal to you, choose a different genre or look forward to a new story.

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