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The Action is Just Beginning

Are you looking for a little action, mystery, or romance? Covering these genres and more, ClinicalNovellas is a type of digital therapeutic fiction designed to engage readers in an emotionally immersive and interactive story-driven experience. Enjoy new episodes of online short stories and miniseries while you’re in a waiting room, or the comfort of your bed before retiring for the evening.

Novellas are miniature novels, published in successive episodes that are cumulatively longer than short stories. This website publishes new episodes twice weekly. Generally, you can get caught up on your favorite story in less than 10 minutes.

Kicking off the year, you can read or listen to each ClinicalNovellas episode for 60 days from publication date without cost.* Unlock prior episodes on a nominal paid membership basis (not yet available in European Union). Enjoy them all on your favorite digital device.

It took 20 months to reach the current number of episodes. During the 2023 calendar year, the number of ClinicalNovellas will double with over 100 new episodes. Each is a spectacular production, with creative writing, superb multi-voice audio, and colorful imagery. Easily filter articles by your favorite genre or maturity rating.

Something For Everyone

ClinicalNovellas (over 100 episodes spanning dozens of short stories and novellas, published 2x weekly) – Free access to current episodes 1 month, and miniseries premiere episodes for 2 months. Login enables enhanced audio, images, miniseries conclusions, cameos, and comments. Paid membership unlocks archived episodes and additional images within some episodes.

ClinicalReads (over 500 articles with over 2 dozen health topics, published up to 2x weekly) – Extensive text and audio access to everyone. References and some mature articles require free newsletter registration with login, which also enables commenting.

ClinicalInsights (over 100 articles about writing, technology, marketing, published up to 1x weekly) – Full access to text and audio without login. Access to programming code and commenting with login.

ClinicalPosters News (website news, published when available) – Full access to text and audio without login. All blogs require login for commenting.

Major Productions

After many hours of writing and editing, we pull appropriate images to help with the visualization of ClinicalNovellas. One lengthy miniseries includes over 50 images. The imagery sometimes leads to more editing. We then listen to a preliminary reading for errors.

After this proofreading, there is a manual process to convert text to audio with a cast of character voices. We enhance the audio by correcting pronunciation errors and including Foley special effects for appropriate episodes. Following several more critical listens and adjustments, the story is in queue for publication.

New novellas in a variety of genres, enhanced audio, intuitive filtering, and generous free access are all things to excite you! With your support, we can continue publishing more creative articles.

* Premiere first-episode articles belonging to a miniseries are available for an additional 60 days. There may be periodic exceptions to other novella episodes. In the future, other blogs may receive timed archival. ClinicalPosters does not track which articles individual users watch. Rather, analytics aggregate the total number of views for each article to determine popularity.

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