Announcing Preorder Option

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The Find Similar button and pre-order option have been suspended until further notice.

Get Ready For Product Drops

ClinicalPosters is not sitting idle. This will be a big year with many things to feature. They include more products, more online articles, and new services. We want to keep you in the loop.

We are adding a preorder option. Knowing how much demand there is for different products allows us to order larger quantities and pass along the savings. We estimate at least 60–90 days between large poster order drops, with one due at the beginning of February.

If you’ve been waiting for posters with hygienic lamination, ideal for framing, place an order quickly. This will reserve inventory ahead of other customers.

Preorders are usually for large quantities of posters, not just one. We will submit our first large order during the first week of January. If you preorder after that, you will still be in the queue. But you may need to wait for the next shipment if there is not enough product.

Now, in addition to our Find Similar button for quick alternatives, you will see a Preorder button on over 50 of our most popular products. If you have other needs, let us know.

Coping With Global Shortages

Last year, a war still raging devastated global raw material production. Even Apple was affected with no premium iPhones for December.

We suffered a 10-fold increase in minimum wholesale orders for raw materials used to produce our signature hygienic laminated framed posters. Quickly adapting required modifying the website to suggest product alternatives no longer in stock. This got us through the year, but customers were sometimes unsatisfied with the options.

We hope the preorder option fills in the gaps for people desiring specific products. This means that when shipments arrive, customers who prepaid are first to receive available inventory. This is just the first special announcement for the year.

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