You’re Living Through WW3


Have you been unwittingly drawn into a conflict with an inevitable unfavorable outcome?

The War Has Begun


An estimated 73 million deaths resulted from the second world war during 6 years ending in 1945. Proclamations, treaties, and cold war proliferation of nuclear weapons are the pit into which nations have poured trillions of dollars and other resources. The goal was to prevent the inevitable—what we are now facing.

There have been few days without war—no days without violence since men have formed groups. News cameras highlight the atrocities mankind can stomach. They dim the obscene that do not resonate with calloused pupils. Victims must resemble the audience for compassion.

Like a major sporting event with boxed seats, concession stands, and team memorabilia, a protagonist must contrast an antagonist. Conflicts within impoverished countries do not fill the web-click stadiums. Major players must resonate on an emotional level for mental and material support.

The Soldiers

A major superpower has launched a war with a relatively small country. Delaying the victory is only possible by drawing other nations into the conflict. You have been drawn in. You may not be driving military tanks or firing bullets, but you are under fire nonetheless.

The first world war spread an H1N1 virus that claimed millions of lives. On the backdrop of a 21st century global pestilence, there is a war over commodities. Grain, oil, natural gas, and computer chips used in vehicles and smartphones have become long-range weapons. Shortages drive inflation to levels that alter perceptions of physical conflict. You are now frontline soldiers.

War is expensive. War is brutal. The bullets are not only commodities, but also emotions. Mental illness is at an all time high as people cope with COVID-19 deaths, unemployment, lack of housing, violent crimes, and escalating geopolitical war.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has had various global repercussions, such as sanctions imposed by the United Nations on both countries. This is to encourage a peaceful resolution of the conflict. It has also caused a tension between the West and Russia, resulting in a trade embargo and a decrease in economic cooperation.

The conflict has also caused a humanitarian crisis, driving out a significant number of refugees from Ukraine. Additionally, the conflict has disrupted international borders, increased military budgets, and weakened international law.

Your reaction or inaction in response to scripted news reports and inflation determines your fate. Think clearly. Spend wisely. Live cautiously because you’re under fire.

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