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'Woman lying on couch with early signs and symptoms of celiac disease'

Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease

If you have health issues you are unsure of, here are the early signs and symptoms of celiac disease you may be dealing with.

Pulmonology 'Patient holding thermometer during medical videoconference'

Distinguish Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia

If you never catch the flu in your lifetime, it’s a miracle. But if you contract influenza, or something similar, have an immediate action plan.

Immunology 'Frightening female portrait'

Post-Pandemic Symptoms

After masking outdoor portals during years from the general population, could a damper on your excitement be due to a nutritional deficiency? Find out in this horror story about—real life.

Immunology 'Battlefield tanks in war'

You’re Living Through WW3

A major superpower has launched war. Delaying the victory is only possible by drawing other nations into the conflict. You have been drawn in.

Immunology 'Girl with cat allergy'

Controlling Allergies

Do not create second­ary infec­tions by scratch­ing rashes, no matter how good it momentarily feels. For chronic skin erup­tions, identify the source.


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Immunology 'Masked man'

CDC Adopts Living-With-Covid Plan

The CDC’s early 2022 guidelines on Covid risk and masking send confounding signals.

Woman 'Black mom kisses child's feet'

Covid Vaccines Safe For Pregnant

Excluded from initial testing, pregnant mothers received unclear guidance on covid vaccines. New studies indicate efficacy.

Oncology 'Child cancer patient'

Bloodless Leukemia Treatment Options

Leukemia treatment typically involves stem cell and blood transfusion. These transfu­sion-free options offer hope for this cancer of the blood.

Immunology 'Mother and son quarantine'

Day-6 Covid Isolation

It’s day six of Covid, and a rapid antigen test comes back positive. stay home, say virologists.

Education 'Classroom social distancing'

Parents Find Disruption Is the New Normal

Children are used to wearing masks as part of their attire. But returning to classrooms can increase the spread of covid within homes.

Immunology 'Home-test kit'

California Urges At-Home STI Tests

California has become the first state to require health insurance to cover at-home tests for sexually transmit­ted infections such as HIV, chlamydia, and syphilis.

Nutrition 'Food Allergies Interfere With Skincare'

Food Allergies Interfere With Skincare

Allergic skin sen­si­tivi­ties can disrupt the best skin­care routine. Here is how to assess the problem and improve appear­ance of your skin.


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