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'Cosmetics For Melasma'

Blend Cosmetics To Conceal Melasma

Skin lightening creams are ineffective. So getting familiar with appropriate cosmetics can boost your self esteem.

Cosmetology 'Porcelain Skin Female'

Cosmetics For Porcelain Skin

A pale skin tone that lacks definition does not need to be a challenging canvas for makeup application. Add natural tints to achieve luminescence.

Cosmetology 'Straightening curly hair'

Recoup From Hot Comb Damage

Too much heat or too many chemicals can damage hair follicles. This results in a form of alopecia that requires der­ma­to­lo­gists and cosmeto­lo­gists.

Cosmetology 'Black woman long hair'

Grow More Hair With a Weave

Weaves provide style and volume to thin hair. Without the proper technique, you can end up with less hair than you began. Here is how to grow hair.

Fitness 'Woman deep breath'

Ways To Increase Lung Capacity

You can increase lung capa­city for run­ning, swim­­ming underwater, and other forms of physi­cal fitness. More capa­city is also useful for rehabi­litation.


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Cosmetology 'Freckle-face young woman'

5 Cosmetic Secrets For Freckles

Don’t cover up freckles with cosmetic concealers. Those spots define you. So wear makeup that celebrates them in the best light.

Cosmetology 'Put On Your Best Zoom Face'

Put On Your Best Zoom Face

Men and women fre­quent­ly video con­fer­ence during the new normal. So both genders are shop­ping for cosmetics to improve camera appearance.


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