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Grace Juniaty, MD is a General Practitioner in Indonesia who presents oral presentations at events like the Cardiology Congress of Angiology and publishes articles in European Society of Cardiology.
18 articles reviewed by: Grace Juniaty, MD
'Your Kidney is A Pain in the Back'

Your Kidney is a Pain in the Back

Problem kidneys can be manifested by changes in urination, backaches, fatigue, and in other ways.

Gastroenterology 'When You Should Take Probiotics'

Advantages of Probiotics

Some doctors do not address the collateral damage of broad-spectrum antibiotics. This article presents causes and treatments for microbial imbalance.

Woman 'Will Your Biological Clock Expire During Pandemic?'

Pregnancy Safety During Pandemic

Outdated: A woman’s child­bearing years might not end at 35. Some women are push­ing the limits of concep­tion, but will you con­tinue pro­ducing viable eggs?

Immunology 'Seriousness of HIV and AIDS'

HIV and AIDS Remain Serious

First identified among the homo­sexual community in 1981, by the 1990s HIV became a threat to any sexually active individual. What is today’s outlook?

Individual 'Female examining ambiguous genitalia'

Born With Ambiguous Genitalia

Under two percent of infants include atypical sex organs. What are the criteria for determination? Who decides the gender of infants, and what does it look like?


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Immunology 'Aerosolized Virus Too Scary to Admit'

Adapting To Aerosolized Virus

Outdated: This takes the coronavirus to a whole new level. What precautions must people take when air, in the absence of people, is contagious?

Cardiology 'Cholesterol Highs and Lows'

Cholesterol Highs and Lows

Most doctors have patient cholesterol guide­lines. Some grapple with the assertion of no evidence to support a specific choles­terol target level.

Woman 'Asian and Caucasian making arm muscles'

Asian vs Caucasian Breast Density

Among women, one quarter as many Chinese develop breast cancer as North American. Is this because of breast density, genetics, diet, or other factors?

Woman 'Reducing Mammogram Pain'

Reducing Mammogram Pain

Facing discomfort for this brief moment is better than endur­ing months or years of cancer pain because of going undetected.

Gastroenterology 'Why You Need Endoscopy'

Why You Need Endoscopy

When is endoscopy necessary? Medicine may first be pre­scribed. After a few weeks without resolu­tion, diagnostic endo­s­copy is warranted.

Woman 'Most Reliable Cellulite and Stretch Mark Treatments'

Cellulite and Stretch Mark Treatments

Who gets stretch marks and cellulite? What causes them and, most importantly, how can you minimize their appearance?

Endocrinology 'Can hereditary obesity be reversed?'

Obese Because of Hypothyroidism

Being overweight has medical and social conse­quences. Can it be a glan­dular problem? If so how is it treated?


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