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'Woman measuring her waist'

Shed Weight After Pregnancy

Enjoy practical ways to move those maternity clothes to the back of the closet so you can reach a healthy postpartum weight.

Woman 'My Role As A Bridesmaid'

My Role As A Bridesmaid

With my invitation to be a brides­maid, I get to have a great time wearing what is historically the worst attire in the wedding party!

Relationships 'Couple argues in robes'

Cope With Your Mate’s Habits

Couples who are together for decades develop coping mechan­isms to deal with each other’s habits. Learn to sepa­rate minor annoy­ances from bad habits.

Woman 'Pregnant belly profile'

Finally Pregnant, Now What?

Whether by surprise or careful planning, there’s a bun in the oven. How will your diet, wardrobe, and healthcare change over the next several months?

Woman 'Mother breastfeeding newborn baby'

Why Breast Milk is The Best Formula

Packaged formula for newborn babies saves time for mothers with secular careers. Here are ways and reasons to provide breast milk even with a busy schedule.


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Woman 'Women under 40 wearing pink'

Women Under 40 Breast Cancer Awareness

Unless there is a hereditary disposi­tion or specific symp­tom, mammo­gram screening begins at age 40. What can younger women do to protect breast health?

Parents 'Dads With Girls Entering Puberty'

Single-Parent Dads Explain Puberty To Girls

Your daughter is growing up. She needs more personal hygiene products and a trip to the gynecologist. Here’s how to remain calm and helpful.

Parents 'Moms With Boys Entering Puberty'

Single-Parent Moms Explain Puberty To Boys

You may feel like renting an R-rated movie in lieu of having the talk with your son. But there are some important things you both should know.

Woman 'Pregnant woman on sofa'

Your Water Broke, Now What?

When it’s time to give birth, amniotic fluid leaks through a pregnant woman’s vagina. How soon should she receive medical attention before it endangers the baby?


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