Single‑Parent Moms Explain Puberty To Boys

⚠️ Reader Discretion: Mature subject matter.

Your Little Boy is Changing


Bringing up kids without any assistance, particularly boys, can be tough. And if you’re a single mom, you may be feeling a little oblivious. Well, aren’t we all?

Puberty brings changes for your male children and complicates your role as a mother too. Your little sweetheart is progressing from a boy to a young man, and you may not know how to best help him through the physical, mental, and emotional changes this brings.

You experienced adolescence yourself so you can relate to the changes into woman­hood. But how different is it for young men? What changes will happen to them? Is it all right to talk with your child about erections and wet dreams? Or should this be his father’s task? What if the boy’s dad is not an option?

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