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DeuPair Frames are made in the United States. Extruded from aluminum, a volatile market affects the manufacturing of the DeuPair Frames that you purchase from ClinicalPosters. As a result, you may notice there have been two price jumps this year. The cumulative increase is 20%—much less than the actual supply rate hikes.

The DeuPair brand continues to represent superior quality. During these turbulent times, you will can enjoy the same aluminum frames that come with a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

Raw Material Cost Soars

No doubt you’ve heard. Aluminum prices have continuously grown in recent years—surpassing a 13-year high. In October 2021 they reached $2934 per tonne, gaining 62% compared to October 2020. The average price in 2020 was $1,703. Throughout 2022, raw material costs continue to climb.

The rise in aluminum prices is partially a result of high demand in China and growing concerns that China’s new climate policy, which focuses on greenhouse gas emissions reduction, could limit future supply of the metal.

In 2020, China accounted for 56% of all refined aluminum production. Price increases or lower output affects the global market. There are shortages and price increases among suppliers in other areas of the world.

Responding to global sanctions, Russia is significantly raising energy costs throughout Europe. Aluminum smelters are battling price increases of 60%. Some plants are either shutting down completely or relocating.

With Russia further escalating the war with Ukraine, the lack of supply from the country will likely have a negative outcome on the aluminum market for years to come. Other factors contribute the rise in aluminum prices:

  • The 2021 military coup in Guinea, one of China’s largest suppliers of raw materials for aluminum manufacturing.
  • Growing global demand due to the involvement of aluminum in green production, for example the manufacturing of lighter vehicles.
  • A lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the supply chain.
  • One-year shutdown of gigantic bauxite refinery in Jamaica in 2021 due to fire devastation.
  • Additional shortage of raw materials, such as bauxite ore.

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