Why Gender Matters

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Publish News 25 November 2022

Don’t Ignore The Field

When you register for an account on ClinicalPosters, there’s an option to select a pronoun. Some doctors prefer recognition by their medical title only. Others prefer to leave it blank without understanding the significance.

Why is there a gender option?

ClinicalPosters sells some gender-based products, such as jewelry or ob-gyn posters. Many free-to-read health articles are tagged for women. Some fictional stories allow gender-based cameo appearances. (This means that a gender-based character can take on the name of the visitor when logged in.)

What happens when gender is undefined?

The ClinicalPosters website includes an algorithm to guess gender, based on a first name. It’s not flawless, because some names are uncommon or ambiguous. People sometimes use nicknames or initials. The site defaults to male if it cannot determine a gender. Hence, a female with an unrecognizable name may receive a male cameo role (until manually assigned female by admin).

What if someone is non-binary?

Selecting the Non-binary option disables cameo (name substitution) within fictional stories. Anyone can request disablement of the cameo feature on their account, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. If this website is incorrectly identifying your gender, use the contact form to request a correction.

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