Born With Ambiguous Genitalia

Over 3.3 Million Intersex In United States

⚠️ Use Discretion: Graphic human anatomy.

A small number of human anatomy posters and models on this website depict average male genitals and female genitalia. Real-world differences reveal significant vari­ance. About 1% of U.S. infants are born with atypical sex organs. (Worldwide, the ratio can be as high as 2%.) Among an audito­rium of 2,000 U.S. citizens, 20 were born with “ambiguous genitalia.” Two of those had gender “normalizing” surgery shortly after birth.*

An individual with ambiguous genitalia (herma­phro­dite misnomer, now termed Ovotestis) falls within the larger category of intersex, estimated to comprise nearly 3.3 million persons in the United States. Sometimes the term Variations in Sex Characteristics (VSC) is used, as is Disorders of Sex Development or Diverse Sex Development (DSD).

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By ClinicalPosters Staff