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More Clarity

If you divide the ClinicalPosters website into halves, one side sells medical exam room products (Shop Now). On the other side are articles to read online for education and entertainment (Read Now). The main navigation header displays these options.

Upon closer examination of the site header, it became apparent that the ClinicalPosters logo could confuse sections with free articles to read. To improve navigation, the logo will now display either of the following terms:

  • ClinicalPosters
  • ClinicalReads
  • ClinicalInsights
  • ClinicalNovellas
  • ClinicalPins

Some sections feature a slideshow of images that highlight featured articles on desktop devices. With login, you can enjoy easy access to curated articles tagged with your preference. The Miniseries menu takes you directly to ClinicalNovellas with a maturity rating for each story.

For a quick view of recent or upcoming articles, click Schedule under the Read Now menu. Enjoy listening to or reading a growing volume of new topics that appear throughout each week.

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