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Family watching movie in theater
Publish News 15 July 2022

Family Entertainment

In times past, going to the movies was an economical and enjoyable family outing. There were inexpensive treats, a double feature, and cartoons for the kids. We were wowed by large screens and great bargains.

Today, the theater is a money pit for owners and patrons alike. With steep rental fees for first-run movies, popcorn, sodas, and candy pull in more money than the sky-high ticket prices. A parent practically requires a co-signer to purchase snacks from the concession stand.

Instead of extra movies, you sit through at least 30 minutes of trailers advertising upcoming movies. Production quality has improved with high definition. But after the main event, you must clear the building. If you bypassed the concessions, you may still have enough in your wallet for a lobster dinner. So many people consume entertainment on mobile devices.

Big and Bigger News

ClinicalPosters has some good news for you. Get your fill of entertainment on the ClinicalPosters website! That’s right. Mysteries, dramas, and thrillers are available as miniseries. Read past episodes in their entirety or follow a current story on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Here’s some big news. We are publishing single-episode short stories in between the miniseries. Ready for bigger news? You can listen to the audio of each story—for free!

That’s right. Double features are back. They’re affordable. And, with audio, they’re convenient. So get comfortable and solve a mystery or enjoy a drama!

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