Dynamic Blog Tag Filters

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Filter Multiple Contextual Tags

Often found near the bottom of pages on the Internet, clickable words are ubiquitous. Their purpose is to help readers locate additional related articles. A topical blog page includes multiple articles, sometimes called posts. Here you also find tags to filter articles to the ones that interest you.

These options are great when there are only a handful of article categories. As the number of categories and tags grows, clicking a single tag may not provide sufficient filtering. Appending multiple tags should refine your search to your area of interest.

Displaying many tag options is often distracting. So ClinicalPosters took a long hard look at how to implement dynamic contextual tags on blog pages. The list of options changes to what’s most pertinent. Also, it is now possible to click and add multiple tags for optimum results in each of the blogs on this site.

Enjoy reading what interests you!

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