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The following EOL items are either closeout (depleting remaining stock) or discon­tinued (no longer avail­able). A different product may have similar content. Click links to check availa­bility or look for them within the Closeouts section. It also appears that Spanish language anatomy posters are depleted by attrition. Some discontinued titles may be reprinted for bulk orders of 1000+.

SKUProduct TitleYearNew
9781587798443Anatomy of The Heart 20x262004No
9781587790867Anatomy of The Inner Ear 20x262000No
CPSASTIG12EAstigmatism 20x262012No
9781587798405Cardiovascular Disease 20x262004No
9781587799075Diseases of The Lung 20x262005No
9781587791161Ear, Nose & Throat 20x262010Yes
9781587799860Enfermedades del sistema digestivo 20x262006No
9781587795459Erectile Dysfunction 20x262002Alt
9780781782449Gastroesophageal Disorders 20x262008Alt
9781587798597Infertility 20x262004No
UNKNOWNL-Banner Stand 36x792008No
9781587798047Metabolic Syndrome 20x262003Yes
UNKNOWNMiddle Ear Conditions (1E) 20x262000Yes
9781587799716Multiple Sclerosis (2E) 20x26 (grommets only)2006Yes
CPMPHG11EMyPlate Has Grains2011No
CPMPHP11EMyPlate Has Protein2011No
CPMPHV11EMyPlate Has Veggies2011No
9781587793806Risks of Obesity 20x262004No
0876416888158Shadowbox Picture Frame 8x102017No
0799599013873Sight – Preserve Your Gift 20x262012No
9781587794339Structural Anatomy of the Eye 20x261998Alt
9781587792960Temporomandibular Joint 20x262000Alt
9781587798320Thyroid Disorders 20x262004No
9780781782173The Female Breast 20x262008Alt
9781587791536The Heart 20x262000Yes
9781587791901The Prostate 20x262000Alt
9781605470993The Respiratory System and Asthma (2E) 20x262009Alt
9781587797613Understanding Cancer 20x262004No
9780781776547Understanding Cervical Cancer 20x262007No
9780781773164Understanding Depression 20x262008Yes
9781587799280Understanding Glaucoma 20x262005Yes
9781587793882Understanding Diabetes (2E) 20x262006Yes
9781469872889Understanding High Blood Pressure 20x262014No
9781587798528Understanding HIV and AIDS 20x262006Alt
9781587794216Understanding Hypertension 20x262000No
9780781786508Understanding Kidney Cancer 20x262009Alt
9780781773126Understanding Menopause 20x262007Alt
9781587797583Understanding Osteoporosis 20x262007Alt
9780781782333Understanding Ovarian Cancer 20x262008No
9781608312160Understanding Pancreatic Cancer 20x262010No
9780781782241Understanding Prostate Cancer (1E) 20x262008Yes
9781587799198Understanding Sleep Disorders 20x262005No
UNKNOWNUnderstanding Skin Cancer (1E) 20x26???Yes
9780781776615Understanding Type 1 Diabetes (2E) 20x262007Yes
9780781786485Understanding Ulcers 20x262010No
VSUSED6019Vista System Frame 60x202008No

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