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Miniseries stories keep coming online for your entertain­ment pleasure within the ClinicalPosters Novellas blog. Who is the most popular person you know? Nope, not him…. Not her either…. It’s you! That’s right. With login, You can be cast as a costar or for a cameo appearance within several miniseries.

Clinical mysteries include characters with common or obscure ailments who suffer through the same trials as others. Explore obsessions, addictions, and mental health issues. Characters with partial blindness, organ transplants, IBS, dysautonomia, and Still’s Disease have active roles. A young female character must undergo a hysterectomy. Women overcome objectification and abuse through fictional stories.

Good Reading or Easy Listening?

Mental Exercise

Reading stimulates more senses than passive cognitive input. This mental activity involves a complex neural network of circuits and signals. As your reading ability matures, these networks get stronger and more sophisticated. Brain scans show that throughout the reading period and for days afterward, brain connectivity increases, especially within the somatosensory cortex.

What is The Somatosensory Cortex?

The somatosensory cortex is a region of the brain that is responsible for receiving and processing sensory information from across the body, such as touch, temperature, and pain.

The secondary somatosensory cortex has connec­tions to the hippo­campus and the amygdala. This allows it to receive environ­mental input and decide how to deal with it by using past experi­ences and feelings about the information.

Visual Assistance

Several factors impair reading ability. Limited time or the desire to multitask are hindrances. The inability to focus due to poor vision is another obstacle.

Audio Assistance

Selective articles include an audio play option. This allows multitaskers or the visually impaired to enjoy information. The audio is AI-generated. So it sounds very good.

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Become the star to improve imagination and intellect.

Fictional stories often require that you imagine characters’ environments. This stimulates parts of your brain’s imagination. Some stories provide more detail when logged in that is not captured in the audio.

Audio is not limited to the clinical miniseries. Health articles and ones in other sections may have it. The play button is not included in articles with tables or mature content. Listening also uses less neural stimulation than reading—especially if you scroll with your fingers or read out loud in different voices.

Imagine More

Join this somatosensory reading journey. Along the way, enjoy writing tips within the Clinicalinsights blog. Story settings traverse past, present, and future. Login for enhanced dialogue that comes to life with pictures. Fresh episodes appear on Wednesdays and Sundays—sometimes more often—in the ClinicalNovellas articles section.

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