Novellas Transform Health Information

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Breaking Down Stories

They’re difficult to read for the average person. What’s that? Peer-reviewed clinical studies, repercussions from conflicts or pestilence, and mysterious crime reports. The content can be lengthy with highbrow scholarly or scientific language. News reporters sometimes break down public-appeal stories into salient soundbites.

ClinicalPosters turns some of that data into Novellas. Stories may involve the emotional turmoil of living through a crime, repercussions from abuse, coping with mental or health disorders, addictions, loneliness, relationships, or facing daily activities with chronic ailments.

Human Interest Stories

Building interest in each story, they feature a group of characters living through life events with plot twists. Most novellas are divided into eight or more exciting episodes. Some are short stories with fewer episodes. With each episode building upon the prior, consider them sequentially.

The variety of topics transcend time, genders, mysteries, and dramas. From centuries past to decades in the future. From underdeveloped countries to those with the most advanced technology. The best way to benefit is to become immersed in your first story. Pick a novella and enjoy being entertained while expanding your knowledge of health.

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