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Clinical miniseries delve into the human psyche to develop engaging short stories that educate and entertain. Themes traverse continents, language groups, and timelines to deliver fictional Novellas you can relate to.

Read—Explore two levels of story telling. Each episode has selective text to read, like you would an ordinary novel. Login to reveal images, series finales, and extra plot details that sometimes include a cameo. That’s right! Your name may replace a character for a more immersive experience.

Listen—Using the best text-to-speech technology available, Novellas include different voices for each character and narrator. Since conversations are easier to follow with recognizable voices, we eliminate much of the he-said-she-said narration. AI voices using neural engines are constantly evolving to provide lifelike speech.

Screen contrast diminishes while dining outdoors for lunch or talking a stroll around the block. When wearing earphones, listen—not only to Novellas, but evocative short stories with health benefits—while you work, dine, or exercise.

Enjoy gripping dramas and suspenseful mysteries. Novellas are now easily accessible from the upper website navigation menu.

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