Female Novellas and Short Stories

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Women Are Heroes

Most stories within ClinicalNovellas include women. Sometimes they are victims who overcome adversity. Other times they are the avengers exacting justice. Each episode averages less than 10 minutes to read, or listen to with enhanced audio.

He Said, She Said

Below are recent online stories where females have a significant roll. These are available with free access for at least a month from publication. Unlock prior episodes with a digital library card membership.

Deceitful Reflections—This single-episode sci-fi sequel follows characters through a parallel universe of deception.

Juvenile Crossroad—Within one episode, a teenager must cope with conforming peer pressure by living a double life in this thought-provoking drama.

Phat Phunkdom—An African American woman on the cusp of a lucrative career must cope with sudden pain that could foil her aspirations in this single-episode short story.

Maid in Spain—A wealthy female Spaniard goes undercover as a maid to gather information for her novel in this 5-part dramatic miniseries.

Are you interested in more? Visit the ClinicalNovellas miniseries section. This news section periodically highlights recent or upcoming ClinicalNovellas of various genres. Not all appeal to everyone.

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