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By adding a new step to the creative process, ClinicalNovellas takes on an elevated experience.

A Stroke of Genius

When does the creative idea hit you? For many writers, it occurs during sub-optimal times, like during a seminar or when awakening from slumber at 3:00 in the morning. I’m no different.

During seminars, I might jot down a story title that helps me remember the fleeting thought. In the early mornings, I reach for my digital tablet in one hand while tapping out a few thousand words with one finger. Sure, I’m a touch-typist, but the lateral recumbent position provides a semblance of rest.

Grammatically Correct

The rough draft may include typographical errors but the priority is to capture creative thoughts. In the light of day, using a full-size keyboard, the story takes shape with character development and critiques. Researching images helps shape the narrative.

The non-fictional stories have maintained the raw nature of character dialogues that often deviate from proper grammar. Some are without an education and use idiomatic contractions. Other characters might enunciate every word with a larger vocabulary.

Recently, we began adding another step to ClinicalNovellas. Grammarly can suggest corrections without disrupting the general intent of the author. As a result, each of the ClinicalNovellas has undergone slight revision with this grammar-checking app. Corrections may include simplified sentence structure, verb agreement, or homophone distinction. This improves the entertaining experience of readers and listeners.

The app works so well, that it has become part of the non-fiction ClinicalReads workflow. Beginning with the most popular, eventually, all articles will receive additional grammar improvements—over 1000 pages so far.

Unlock a virtual bookshelf with multi-genre short stories, including drama, romance, sci-fi, mystery, and thrillers for your edutainment. Become a ClinicalNovellas digital library card member today.

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