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Perhaps You Love a Little Romance

You’re only human if you enjoy delving into relationships. With overlapping genres, online ClinicalNovellas include romance within short stories and miniseries. You can easily click on the designated filter for the full list.

Romance is a complicated human emotion. It can spur love, hatred, envy, and violence. So don’t expect a bunch of rom-coms. Are you missing all the imagery in each story? Login for that! Each episode averages less than 10 minutes to read or listen with enhanced audio.

Meditate on This Entertainment

Explore these recent stories that are available with free access three months from publication. Unlock prior episodes with paid membership.

Random Matrimony—Would financial reward motivate you into marriage? Within 4 episodes, this miniseries explores the consequences.

Population Deficit—The first of 4 episodes in this sci-fi miniseries introduces love. With multiple plot twists, romance continues through the finale.

Bartender Love Risk—Pour two shots of love with one shot addiction. Shake with ice and serve chilled in this single-episode drama.

The Day You Turned—With just one episode, the plot can be ruined by saying more than this sci-fi that includes touching romance scenes.

Uncover more romance stories from the past and future. Visit the ClinicalNovellas miniseries section and click the Romance genre filter. This news section periodically highlights recent or upcoming ClinicalNovellas of various genres. Not all appeal to everyone.

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