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You can skim a novel in a day, or enjoy it within a week. But with a busy lifestyle, the time you set aside to read is usually just before bed, when your eyelids battle your iris. That’s why we publish ClinicalNovellas in manageable increments that average 6 minutes to read.

Our novellas have four or more episodes. Short stories are less than that. Genres include drama, mystery, romance, sci-fi, and thriller. Access new free episodes that are published twice weekly for 30 days. To prevent plot spoilers, all endings—even free ones—require login. Parse through the full library with a membership of around 5 bucks a month.

Easy Reading

It’s a misnomer that all high school graduates read at a 12th-grade level. About a third of the US population reads above grade 12. Another third reads below grade 7.

To satisfy the largest audience, we strive to keep the complexity of ClinicalNovellas below grade 8—some even are grade 5 or lower. But make no mistake. This does not diminish the excitement of the stories.

We firmly believe that the more people read, the better they get at it—and the more they enjoy it. So perhaps your goal in reading is to increase your vocabulary. You can still do that in most stories.

Easy Listening

To many people, reading is the best way to enjoy a good story. Listening engages another sense when following along. ClinicalNovellas include enhanced audio, with multiple character voices, and sometimes sound effects for a more immersive experience, when logged in.

This means you can pop in your earbuds and listen during fitness workouts while cooking dinner, or waiting in a doctor’s office.

You have the time. Solve a 6-minute immersive mystery. Time travel through a 6-minute sci-fi story. Race your heart in a 6-minute thriller. Lose yourself within a 6-minute drama. How? By listening to or reading our fictional miniseries stories twice weekly to get more accomplished.

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