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Wrap Your Mind Around Thrillers

The dark side of mental health unleashes many disturbing characteristics that are fodder for thrillers. This is one of many genres of short stories and miniseries within online ClinicalNovellas. They may interest neurologists, psycho­therapists, and any individual with a penchant for fear. Students of mental health may also enjoy testing their diagnostic skills by profiling characters.

Mental illness can be a cause for danger or simply impede sound judgement. Fictional thrillers generally involve a plot conveying a potential for physical harm. Each episode averages less than 10 minutes to read or listen with enhanced audio.

Meditate on This Entertainment

Explore these recent stories that are available with free access at least a month from publication. Unlock prior episodes with a membership.

Mental Recliner—This 4-episode miniseries revolves around patients and therapists. Can you figure out which have the deeper problems?

Emotional Contrasts—Find out what you call it when someone derives pleasure from emotional extremes. This 4-episode story is so frightening that it requires membership to find out what happens when extremes get out of hand?

Mannequin Mystery—Don’t let the innocuous title fool you. This single-episode is filled with terror and plot twists.

Love Obsession—Stalking and compulsive obsessions manifest dangerous outcomes within this 7-part miniseries.

There are more thrillers in the past and future. Visit the ClinicalNovellas miniseries section and click the Thriller genre filter. This news section periodically highlights recent or upcoming ClinicalNovellas of various genres. Not all appeal to everyone.

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