Sci-Fi Novellas and Shorts

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Explore Your Future Now

Who doesn’t imagine themselves in the future? What might life be like? Will we live to experience the fruition of rapidly developing technologies? On the cusp of exciting events provides a few options. We can passively wait and see or we can explore what life may be like.

Civilizations collide. Space travel brings new hope. Technology solves health issues. These outlooks feed the genre of science fiction, available as short stories and miniseries within online ClinicalNovellas. Each episode averages less than 10 minutes to read or listen with enhanced audio.

Entertain New Ideas

Here are some recent stories available with free access three months from publication. Unlock prior episodes with a paid membership.

Parallel Reflections—This single-episode short story narration delves into an implausible parallel universe. The premise is so entertaining that a sequel follows in 2023.

The Hologram Child—People are already attending concerts with hologram entertainers. As realism increases, imagine the marketability of adopting such children in the single-episode short story.

Rebirth Portal—Just 3 episodes introduce a new longevity concept. Find out what happens when Mensa member Anastasius joins forces with Ulysses Fargo, Ph.D. to build a portal.

Sickless Future—You can’t ignore this 8-part miniseries set the year 2067 when technology intrusively merges with healthcare.

Are you interested in more? Visit the ClinicalNovellas miniseries section and click the SciFi genre filter. This news section periodically highlights recent or upcoming ClinicalNovellas of various genres. Not all appeal to everyone.

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