Shopping for Europeans


⚠️ ClinicalPosters received early access to Markets Pro from Shopify. Currently, this feature is compatible with several third-party applications necessary for current customers. So this site reverted back to disabling sales across the European Union and United Kingdom, until the kinks get worked out.

European Sales Compliance

Every state and country is seeking tax collection with different compliance laws. Collecting taxes beyond their jurisdiction discourages interstate commerce while capitalizing the global market. Convoluted compliance has hindered European customers from sales on this website.

Fortunately, ClinicalPosters is a member of the Shopify network. With its massive negotiating prowess, they are able to mitigate complexities for millions of online retailers. This includes integration of shopping tools and DHL shipping discounts.

There are a few restrictions relating to subscriptions, payment-pending orders, gift cards, digital delivery, and return shipping fees. Consolidation of European Union order fulfillment incurs higher processing fees on the backend. VAT is added during checkout. But for the majority of shoppers, Shopify Markets Pro allows ClinicalPosters to lift its moratorium on EU purchases.

We Miss Europe

Years ago, it was simpler when sales tax collection was only necessary from consumers when the destination state (province) match that of the merchant. The United States is in transition to multi-state tax collection based on volume of sales therein.

In 2021, the European Union remotely joined the 50 states already extending their hands for a piece of each sale. Global collection of VAT may have seemed inconsequential to consumers within Europe.

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