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Meet Kevin Williams

Despite having thousands of customers and tens of thousands of Pinterest followers, Kevin resisted LinkedIn until now. The popular social media platform is a great way to expand business connections.

A Man of Many Talents

Kevin is best known as an artist. After working in an art gallery, several print shops, design studios, and advertising agencies, he focused on technical illustration and handlettering. His typographic rock stars were Herb Lubalin and Gerard Huerta.

Kevin learned a few of Gerard’s techniques while employed at Huerta Design Associates but was nowhere near as prolific. Kevin produced over 600 logos for Tyco toys in addition to about 100 other logos and trademarks for various companies, including the one for ClinicalPosters.

Kevin Williams art samples
Illustrative works by Kevin Williams.

Introduction to Healthcare

Kevin’s career turned to skincare when he became a graphics consultant for Neutrogena (a Johnson+Johnson company). This expanded into all areas of healthcare when launching the ClinicalPosters website in 2010.

A few of the human anatomy posters on this site were designed and illustrated by Kevin, but most are familiar titles from other publishers. He also produces technical and anatomical illustrations for this website.

skin burn severityanomalous areolae chartwash hands
No Blood Postere-patient anatomy chart

Writing blog articles began as a means to generate site traffic. After a few hundred articles, the quality of research and composition improved. To perfect the craft, Kevin enrolls in online courses from profes­sional journalists. He is selective about guest submissions since the publication schedule extends as much as one year into the future.

ClinicalPosters Advantages

There are many ways to benefit from collaboration with ClinicalPosters. Anatomy posters within DeuPair Frames make it easier for doctors to service patients within exam rooms. ClinicalPosters publishes over 150 articles per year, with Kevin becoming the editor for A Bit More Healthy blog. The data-driven website supports banner ads throughout the blog for marketing opportunities. Other services are available.

This introduction highlights the many experiences contributing to Kevin’s versatility. His background traverses advertising, writing, illustrating, handlettering, and programming. He looks forward to establishing new connections on LinkedIn.

Custom Graphics

To support the writing of useful articles about social media, ClinicalPosters sells human anatomy charts, scientific posters and other products online. Slide extra posters into DeuPair Frames without removing from the wall or leave an encourag­ing comment to keep the work going.

Clicking the author name within a boxed biography reveals other articles in the blog written by the same person.

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