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ClinicalPosters welcomes non-commercial guest article submis­sions. The text, subject to approval, appears indefinite­ly in its entirety. Registered authors receive down­load­able guide­lines and notifi­ca­tion of publica­tion schedule.

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Health: Cardiology, chiropractor, clinical science, cos­meto­logy, dentistry, dermato­logy, endo­crino­logy, educa­tion, fitness, gastro­entero­logy, geron­to­logy, immuno­logy, internist, market­ing, mental health, nephro­logy, neuro­logy, nutri­tion, ob-gyn, onco­logy, ortho­pe­dics, oto­laryn­go­logy, pedi­atrics, physio­logy, physio­therapy, podiatry, pul­mono­logy, rheuma­tology, technology, uro­logy, vision, writing.
Insights: Marketing, SEO, social media, technology, programming, or writing.

Fee, if any, is refunded if article does not adhere to guidelines before publication.

Guest articles, free of gram­mati­cal and typo­graphi­cal errors, are distin­guished from advertorials, should be 500–1000 words. List up to one approved do-follow external link and other non-linked references at the end of the article.

Regardless of whether or not a fee is paid, guest authors should first create a basic account. Select a category of interest just like regular customers do. Most often it may be “nutrition” or “writing” or “marketing.” (It does need not need match the submitted article topic.) Receive PDF of guidelines and tips when you checkout (no credit card required).

Use this Guest Article submission page each time an article is submitted. You can include the title and topic (tag) within the Category field.

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