'Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Pain'

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

This chronic painful condition generally begins with pregnancy. What are the symptoms and factors that can increase pain?

Cardiology 'Elderly man with AFib'

AFib Heart Beats Out of Control

Your heart can race when you see some­one you love. It beats even faster when run­ning a race. Or it can race out of control during atrial fibrillation.

Cardiology 'Heart Diseases Common In Women'

Heart Diseases Common In Women

Cardiovascular diseases are a lead­ing cause of death among women. It is not because it occurs more fre­quen­tly than it does in men.

Cardiology 'Cholesterol Highs and Lows'

Cholesterol Highs and Lows

Most doctors have patient cholesterol guide­lines. Some grapple with the assertion of no evidence to support a specific choles­terol target level.

Cardiology 'How To Reduce Cholesterol Without Statins'

Decrease Cholesterol Without Statins

You need to maintain low cholesterol levels. This waxy buildup within blood vessels may block a major artery, restricting oxygen to your brain.


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Cardiology 'Dying of Laughter'

Dying of Laughter

Laughter is credited with alleviating everything from allergies to back pain and rhuematoid arthritis. But is there a limit?

Prescriptions 'How Drugs Effect Body Weight'

Common Drugs Effect Body Weight

A consequence of smoking or drug abuse is drama­tically altered diet, which can lead to irregular eating with poor nutrition.

Cardiology 'Agonizing Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm'

Agonizing Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Given its length, diameter and proximi­ty, a ruptured aortic aneurysm is catastrophic, having a mortality rate of 90 percent.

Cardiology 'How Can PAD Be Confused With Diabetes?'

How PAD is Confused With Diabetes

Peripheral artery disease falls under the cardio­logy specialty. Diabetes is treated by endocrino­logists and nephro­logists. How can diabetes be confused with PAD?

Rheumatology 'Wolf face'

Life With Lupus

This autoimmune system disorder may go undetected for months or years with symp­toms ranging from mild to aggres­sive attacks on skin and internal organs.

Dermatology 'Hands with lunula'

Sick of No Lunula

When doctors look at your hands, they may see more than what you care to admit. The seemingly insignificant white crescent shape on your fingernails has an important function.

Neurology 'Working Too Hard For Your Money'

Health Dangers of Working Too Hard

There are clinically adverse physical and emotional effects of shift work. Don’t kill yourself trying to stay up. Find a balance between good health and earning a living.


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