Life With Lupus


Imagine if, before going to sleep, you had to calculate how many breaths are required to last through the night. What if you had to pull your eyelashes to blink or compress your chest for a heartbeat?

Unpredictable Autoimmune Disease

Lupus Awareness

How thankful we are for our autonomic nervous system (ANS). It keeps us living without conscious effort. Essential bodily functions like breathing, heartbeat, disease defense, skin healing and food digestion occur automatically.

The autoimmune system works with ANS by helping to protect against harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, toxins, cancer cells, and foreign blood and tissue. For the estimated 1.5 million Americans with autoimmune disorders like lupus, any human tissue can suffer mistaken identity. Then the battle begins with one’s own relentless immune system that does not distinguish between healthy tissue and antigens.

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