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'Man squeezes his flabby stomach'

Prevent Middle-Age Spread

Abdominal weight gain is problematic for many men. Learn how to prevent it and the potential dangers in this discussion between Edward and his doctor.

Urology 'Female knees on toilet'

Maintain a Healthy Bladder

Would you like to maintain a healthy urinary tract? Check out these simple tips for preventing infections and promoting overall urinary health.

Gastroenterology 'Female friend assists with stomach pain'

Living Easier with IBS

Are you suffering from IBS? Here are tips and tricks on how you can reduce its symptoms and make living with IBS easier.

Dermatology 'Female facial mask'

Skin Hardening or Peeling Causes

Are you struggling with facial skin peeling and hardening? Find out what you can do to prevent and manage this common condition.

Relationships 'Multiracial friends laughing together'

Impact of Social Connections

Have you ever wondered about the impact of social connections on physical and mental health? Continue reading to learn more!


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Clinical science 'Small chocolate cake'

Sweet Tragedy

Clinical research reveals a significant correlation between cardiac events and a popular zero-calorie sweetener called erythritol.

Gastroenterology 'Woman lying on couch with early signs and symptoms of celiac disease'

Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease

If you have health issues you are unsure of, here are the early signs and symptoms of celiac disease you may be dealing with.

Gastroenterology 'Black baker tosses bread'

Coping With Celiac Disease

Two of the most difficult aspects of celiac disease are recognizing you have it and adjusting your lifestyle after acknowledging it.

Neurology 'Blonde man juggling balls'

Do You Have Multipotentiality?

What do you call a Jack of all trades who is master of each? Society belittles the notion, but how do you enjoy life as one of these unique individuals?

Education 'Young boy reading next to stack of books'

How Dyslexics Learn to Read

How do you teach someone to read when what they see, hear, and write differs from what other students perceive?

Woman 'Man watching food cook in oven'

Choose Your Cooking Appliance Wisely

The battle for cooking space is on. With overlapping features, you may have already crowded your countertops. If not, this will help you choose wisely.

Dentistry 'Caucasian family brushing teeth'

Importance of Dental Visits

Do you really need to visit the dentist if you brush and floss regularly? Read about the importance of dental visits.


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