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'Blonde man juggling balls'

Do You Have Multipotentiality?

What do you call a Jack of all trades who is master of each? Society belittles the notion, but how do you enjoy life as one of these unique individuals?

Education 'Young boy reading next to stack of books'

How Dyslexics Learn to Read

How do you teach someone to read when what they see, hear, and write differs from what other students perceive?

Woman 'Man watching food cook in oven'

Choose Your Cooking Appliance Wisely

The battle for cooking space is on. With overlapping features, you may have already crowded your countertops. If not, this will help you choose wisely.

Dentistry 'Caucasian family brushing teeth'

Importance of Dental Visits

Do you really need to visit the dentist if you brush and floss regularly? Read about the importance of dental visits.

Neurology 'Woman sleeping in bed'

Coping With Insomnia

Are you dying to sleep? That can be quite literal. Here are suggestions to give you a good night’s rest.


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Addictions 'Black woman reading book with coffee'

Is Technology Your Master?

Are video games replacing reading? Does technology rule your life or do you and your family relegate it to a subservient role?

Nutrition 'Blonde girl eating watermelon on beach to help maintain healthy body weight'

Help Children Have Healthy Weight

Obesity is a serious issue that's affecting more and more kids. That’s why it’s crucial to help children maintain a healthy body weight.

Disability 'Amputee mother with toddler'

Physical Disability and Pregnancy

Bestowing the gift of life is not limited to able-bodied women. How can those with physical limitations overcome the challenges?

Pulmonology 'Patient holding thermometer during medical videoconference'

Distinguish Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia

If you never catch the flu in your lifetime, it’s a miracle. But if you contract influenza, or something similar, have an immediate action plan.

Nutrition 'Gusto Green Squash Blossom pizza'

Best Southern California Vegan Cuisine

Take a tour with me to some of the most highly regarded vegan restaurants in Southern California. Do they dazzle or disappoint?

Immunology 'Frightening female portrait'

Post-Pandemic Symptoms

After masking outdoor portals during years from the general population, could a damper on your excitement be due to a nutritional deficiency? Find out in this horror story about—real life.

Nutrition 'Edamame cucumber salad'

Low-Oxalate Meal Plan

Adjusting to a low-oxalate diet can be challenging without a meal plan. This sample weekly calendar assists with shopping lists and food preparation.


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