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'Female relaxing after drug treatment'
Mental health

Ketamine for Mental Health

Ketamine therapy for mental health is a ‘Wild West’ for both doctors and patients. Discover the pros and cons of this controversial treatment.

Gastroenterology 'Depressed female at bar with alcohol glass'

Higher Female Alcohol Mortality

Alcohol-related deaths for women surge compared with men. What is the correlation between body types and methods of consumption?

Technology 'Black woman reading book with coffee'

Is Technology Your Master?

Are video games replacing reading? Does technology rule your life or do you and your family relegate it to a subservient role?

Addictions 'Psychedelic paintbrush artwork'

LSD Unfair Creative Advantage?

For more than half a century, mind-altering psychedelic drugs have played a significant role in artistic perception. What new trends affect your creative aspirations?

Addictions 'Red lipstick kisses on yellow banana'

How Fetishes Develop

What turns you on? Is it some­thing normally unrelated to intimacy? How does a fetish develop and how can negative conse­quences be averted?


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Nutrition 'Woman bingeing on donut'

You Can’t Compete With Bulimia

Binging and purg­ing to main­­tain a com­fort­­able appear­­ance is not a strategy. It is a health problem.

Mental health 'Self-Injury Cuts on Arm'

Cutting Pattern of Self-Injury

Are you prone to cut, burn, or hurt yourself in other ways to cope with emotional stresses? Help is available before it becomes a pattern.

Addictions 'People With Anorexia Don’t See Thin'

Anorexics Don’t See Thin

There are several causes for eating disorders. The solu­tion to anorexia nervosa is not as simple as eating more. Anorexics are trying to look normal.

Pulmonology 'Woman smoking cigarette'

Vaping vs Tobacco Smoking Risks

While doctors struggle to get air into the lungs of COVID-19 patients, smokers inten­tion­ally reduce their capacity. But lungs are not the only harm.

Addictions 'Avoid Cybersex'

Avoid Risqué Videos

Have you begun the down­ward spiral into sex addic­tion? Do not allow your­self to become a victim of cybersex.

Pulmonology 'Your Lungs Cannot Tell The Difference'

Lungs Cannot Tell Difference

You might respond negatively if someone asks if are you a smoker. But if you are frequently around smoking, do your lungs know the difference?

Addictions 'Selfie Addiction'

Selfie Culture Syndrome

Snapping self-photos can become addictive. How do you know when it has gotten out of control?


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